Alan Bean

Whenever possible Space Lectures takes it’s guest speakers to local schools. Wakefield Girls High School was the beneficiary of that policy on this occasion. They made the most of the encounter, affording Alan Bean the kind of reception usually reserved for One Direction. Alan spoke at length about his missions, his relationship with fellow astronaut and close friend Pete Conrad, the importance of family, team work and the precious Earth – “The Garden of Eden.”

One man attending our public lecture event on the Saturday did so on the back of a ringing endorsement from his two daughters; they were present when Alan spoke at Wakefield Girls High School. He explained …”When they came home from school they were “buzzing” and talking about Captain Bean’s lecture.”

They had been inspired by the encounter which in turn inspired him to buy one of the few remaining lecture tickets. He was delighted that he had. That in a nutshell is what Space Lectures is all about.


Helen Keen’s (It Is Rocket Science!) introduction to the Alan Bean dinner event





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