Mark & Scott Kelly

At a private dinner the Space Lectures team took the opportunity to become acquainted with retried US Navy Captains Mark and Scott Kelly.  Mark, the older of the two by 6 minutes was relaxed and easy to talk to. From Brexit, Scottish Independence and his wife Gabby to current business ventures, his own limited political ambitions and playing golf with Barak Obama. Both took the opportunity to mingle with the team following dinner.

Friday night’s dinner was a sell-out and it followed the usual format. After the meal Mark and Scott said a few words before picking out the raffle tickets. Carleton Community High School on Saturday was packed. As we make the inevitable transition from Apollo to a younger generation of astronaut it was reassuring both at the dinner and the lecture to see so many new faces. This bodes well going forward but be assured we have not yet seen the last of the early space pioneers.

Scott and Mark’s presentation was slick, informative and funny in equal measure: a polished double act comparable to any. Both epitomised what could be achieved with hard work and perseverance. Their closing message was a simple one. Whether it is finding a cure for cancer, an answer to the problems of global warming or reaching out to the stars…  The sky is NOT the limit”.

A taste of things to come…


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