Bruce McCandless II

Ken Willoughby and Space Lectures are delighted to confirm that the next astronaut speaker coming to Pontefract this autumn is none other than Bruce McCandless II (Capt., USN, Ret.). Bruce was the youngest member of NASA’s Group 5 intake when selected in April 1966. He served as Capcom on Apollo 11 during the first moonwalk before joining the astronaut support crew for the Apollo 14 mission, on which he doubled as a Capcom.

Reassigned to the Skylab program, McCandless received his first crew assignment as backup pilot for the space station’s first crewed mission alongside backup commander Rusty Schweickart and backup science pilot Story Musgrave. He again served as a Capcom on Skylab 3 and Skylab 4. McCandless was co-investigator on the M-509 astronaut manoeuvring unit experiment, which was flown on Skylab; this eventually led to his collaboration on the development of the Manned Manoeuvring Unit (MMU) used during space shuttle extravehicular activities (EVAs). He flew two space shuttle missions: STS-41B and STS-31.

Those who had already ordered and paid for Leonov tickets can have either a full refund, switch their Leonov tickets for the McCandless event and receive a £5 refund or switch their tickets and donate the outstanding balance to Space Lecture’s chosen charities: UNICEF or the Fior Do Loto Foundation. Whichever course preferred please contact Ken Willoughby directly to confirm.

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Evening Dinner and Auction £110Make a Booking Enquiry

November 03 2017

Friday, 3rd November 2017:

Wentbridge House Hotel
Photo Shoot 18.00 – 18.45 £30 (payable on the day)
Dinner 19.00 – 21.00
Auction and autograph session

Lecture £50Make a Booking Enquiry

November 04 2017

Saturday, 4th November 2017:
Lecture £50
Carleton Community High School ‘The Infinity Theatre’
Doors open at 14.00
Photo Shoot 14.45 – 15.45 (£30 payable on the day)
Lecture 16.00 – 17.00
Q&A session, approximately 15 to 20 minutes
Autograph session.


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