Jack Lousma

USMC Colonel Jack Lousma proved to be a modest, humble and self-deprecating hero… yet gregarious too. For this trip Jack was accompanied by his daughter Mary. Supportive and encouraging both to her dad and the Space Lectures team Mary’s warmth of character meant people naturally gravitated to her. Jack spoke to nearly 1000 pupils over two days. Outwood Academy Carlton in Barnsley and Mount St. Mary’s College in Sheffield the beneficiaries of Ken Willoughby’s on going quest to inspire youngsters with stories of space adventures delivered first hand from the men and women that made them happen.

Jack’s humour found a receptive, knowledgeable audience and anecdotes were sprinkled throughout. If you ever bump in to Jack be sure to ask him about the “Skivvies”… on day 58 of his Skylab mission, or the peanut munching crew-mate, and you will understand what raised the biggest laughs of the afternoon. The schedule afforded Jack and Mary time to see historic Pontefract Castle. With a suitcase stuffed with liquorice (a local delicacy) and Pontefract cakes, Jack and Mary returned to the US with a flavour of the area.

I am pleased to confirm that Space Lectures has shared charitable donations worth £350 with UNICEF and the Fior Di Loto Foundation on the back of this event. Thank you!


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