May 2020 update

While Covid 19 continues to stalk the globe – casting its long shadow on a host of space events in Europe, the US and elsewhere I can confirm that the Space Lectures Ed Gibson event will still go ahead… but not quite as planned.

Within weeks of rescheduling the event to October, Ed informed us that he had been scheduled for a “routine” but overdue mobility operation in the summer. While ED is expecting a full recovery (“after a couple of months of rehabilitation I will be as good as new”) it does mean that we will have to postpone October’s event until April 2021. Exact dates have yet to be confirmed

On this occasion perhaps fate has done us a favour. While many events around the globe are being switched or even cancelled altogether, the current pandemic suggests that even October would be an optimistic expectation.

It goes without saying that existing ticket holders can roll over their October tickets to April 2021 with the added bonus that several regulars who had been unable to make the initial October switch will now be able to attend.

As and when details for April are confirmed we will post the updates to the usual Space Lectures social media outlets. Anybody wishing to confirm their ticket switch to April please contact Ken Willoughby directly.

We want to thank you all for your continued support. Stay safe and we will see you again in April.

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