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Mark & Scott Kelly

KellyTwins (2)

The world’s first “space twins”, retired US Navy Captain Mark Kelly and former NASA astronaut and retired US Navy Captain Scott Kelly will be sharing a wealth of Shuttle and ISS experiences, most recently Scott’s historic one year mission with our very own Tim Peake aboard the ISS.

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Tom Stafford

TS3 (1)

General Tom Stafford, A pioneering astronaut with an enviable spaceflight record, his NASA days formed just part of an amazing career to which ALL of his contemporaries could only aspire. A veteran of 4 historic space missions, he is also largely responsible for 60% of the current US Air Force strike capability -stealth bombers to F16s, refuelling tankers to Tomahawk missiles.

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Jim Lovell


We first invited Jim Lovell to Pontefract 6 years ago. It finally took a ringing endorsement from Fred Haise and a bit of "googling" by Jim (of Space Lectures) to make it happen.

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Eileen Collins


Eileen Collins was something of a conundrum. The kind of steely eyed test pilot astronaut we have become accustomed to meeting but wrapped up in a persona altogether softer and more approachable that endeared her to everybody.

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