Ed Gibson

Regrettably we have to break the news that the Space Lectures – Ed Gibson event planned for April
2021 has been cancelled.

I would like to stress that the decision to cancel was made by Ed himself. Following successful
surgery for an age related mobility issue, his condition has failed to improve as he had hoped… and

“I regret to inform you that I will not be able to meet the commitments that we both agreed to
earlier, it is best that I back out now and give you some time to make alternate plans. I understand
that I am not making life any easier for you now, but I wish to avoid a disastrous performance that
would not be good for anyone. I have never had to do this before, and I very much regret having
to do it now.”

It goes without saying that Ken Willoughby and everybody associated with Space Lectures is bitterly
disappointed with this turn of events but we all wish Ed the best for a successful if not so speedy
Plans were already in place for October’s speaker and consideration was given to bringing this event
forward. But different speakers command different fees: October’s speaker would have meant a
modest increase in ticket prices and we felt it unfair “moving the goal posts” after so many folks had
already paid for their Gibson tickets.

So it has been decided to make refunds available (please e-mail Ken directly) so we can re-set and
move ahead with our next event with a clean slate.
Again my apologies but such is life. Just as soon as plans are in place for Space Lectures’ next event I
will update members accordingly.

Stay safe!

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