We are “GO!” on a new website!

It was back in 2014 when we were first approached by Joel Hughes of Glass Mountains with what seemed an amazing offer “we are a professional web design company who would be happy to work for free to design Space Lectures a brand new website” now my initial thoughts were, if it sounds too good to be true … it is too good to be true!

October 2014 “Hi guys, I’d like to repeat the offer of a completely free, new website. Is there someone I can chat to when I come up next? There’s so much more we could be doing – and I can’t charge much less than free. It’s my contribution.” Fast forward to November 2015 “Glad I got the chance to say hello so hopefully now we can make progress, we’ve made ‘one small step’ in the right direction. If we had a steering committee for what we are proposing to do with the new website; who should be on that please?

So there it began the seedlings of a brand new website. We formed a steering committee to bounce ideas off and with the efforts of a small team and a determination resembling that of NASA mission control, the website started to take shape. We would like to say a big thank you to Joel and Mike for their endless patience in putting our ideas into motion and for your kind generosity for which we are forever grateful.

Team Space Lectures 

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