Alexei Leonov event cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform everybody that the Alexei Leonov event in June has been postponed.
Alexei has been hospitalized for more than a week and this morning Ken received the following statement from his agent.
“Sorry to say this but we decided to cancel this trip in June. Leonov’s health does not permit it. Let’s hope it will be possible later.”
We are all terribly disappointed at this turn of events. None more so than Ken who had been working on this one for more than 8 months, but these gentlemen are not getting any younger and there is always this kind of risk when inviting heroes from the pioneering days of manned spaceflight.
It is hoped that Alexei will be able to make the trip in the not too distant future and I am sure that if this is possible, Ken will make it happen.
Naturally we wish Alexei a speedy recovery and hope it is not too long before we see him fit and well in Pontefract. There is certainly good will on the part of his agent to make this happen in the future if at all possible.

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