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Gene Cernan


Space Lectures is delighted to bring Capt. Eugene A. Cernan to Pontefract. Arguably one of the most eloquent advocates of the space program "Captain Charisma" brings with him a wealth of adventures courtesy of a distinguished Naval career and of course 3 missions to space, two of which were to the moon.

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Jim Lovell


We first invited Jim Lovell to Pontefract 6 years ago. It finally took a ringing endorsement from Fred Haise and a bit of "googling" by Jim (of Space Lectures) to make it happen.

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Eileen Collins


Eileen Collins was something of a conundrum. The kind of steely eyed test pilot astronaut we have become accustomed to meeting but wrapped up in a persona altogether softer and more approachable that endeared her to everybody.

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Fred Haise


Born in the deep south, Fred "Pecky" Haise (it's a long story) wears his southern "Good 'ol Boy" persona like a cloak or veneer yet is masks as complex, highly accomplished and successful individual.

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